Saturday, April 27, 2013

Redefining Marriage

Perhaps the most common "secular" argument against gay marriage is this:
  1. The definition of marriage has always implied man-and-woman.
  2. Therefore, if the government recognizes gay marriage, the government is redefining a word.
  3. If we let the government change the definition of words, anything can happen!
  4. Therefore, no gay marriage.
For one thing, if you have a problem with words being redefined, maybe you can accept "gay" marriage by pretending it just means "happy" marriage? Anyway, a little-known interesting fact is that gay marriage existed in Native American tribes. The reason there's not gay marriage throughout America now is because... our government changed the definition of marriage.

Does anyone expect this to cause people, who claimed that argument as their reason for opposing gay marriage, to now change their mind? Of course not... nobody really thinks that argument ever made sense.